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Professional Summary

The Silverside difference is found in our personal approach and ability to pivot to meet the need of our clients. We offer a wide range of services, but if you do not see what your business is in need of here please Contact Us. Our team of industry professionals has a diverse set of skills and are ready to help you fine tune your vision. 

Business Audits        Copy Writing 
Graphic Design    Secret Shops

 Branding      Operations Consulting  

Podcasting for Your Business  Blog Writing

Business Audits

End-to-end review of all business operations in order to give you an impartial analysis of your business and the solutions to remedy any non-compliance areas. Silverside Consulting + Creative will design a tailored checklist, specific to your industry thus giving you a 360 degree view of your business.

Strengthen Management Controls

Enhance Your Customer's Experience

Optimize Growth Opportunities

Request an Audit Consult 

Secret shops serve many purposes: 
-Reward Incentives for management
-Customer Service quality control
-Identify Missed Sales opportunities
We design a secret shop specific to your business. 
Secret shops are a way to catch your teams executing your sales process correctly and when opportunities are missed to help discover training gaps. 

Silverside's secret shops are affordable for small businesses and have no monthly commitment. Contact us today with your specific needs. 

Secret Shops

Blog & Copy Writing

Silverside writers can provide copy for your website, blog posts, bios for your leaders, press releases, and more. Users and readers are looking for a personal connection not something that reads like it was (or is) written by a robot. 

Consulting & Services

From new business branding & logo design to managing your company's social media, Silverside Consulting + Creative, can meet your marketing needs. 
Social media algorithms are constantly changing, Google Ad spends can be confusing. Should you be spending more on traditional media vs. digital for your brand? Marketing your business can become confusing and defeating fast. Don't give up, reach out to Silverside for a free consultation to analyze your currenting branding and marketing. 


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