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Operational Audits

Your business operations are key to driving revenue, monitoring expenses, identifying loss, and preparing for growth or sale. 

Fresh eyes assessing your standard operating procedures, allows for you to make critical pivots that can grow your business. 

See below for common reasons businesses seek Operational Audits.


Preparing for a Sale

Maximize profits, reduce expenses and prepare for due diligence with an operations audit.  When preparing to sell your business you need to create a timeline beginning at least a year in advance, this allows for Silverside to conduct an operations audit with time for you to correct opportunity areas, reduce unnecessary expenses, which enhances your potential to sell at a higher multiple. 

Evaluate Operations for Growth

Are you ready to add another location or department? Before you grow make sure you have consistency and can streamline your growth with a business operations audit. Silverside will evaluate your current procedures for efficiency, while also identifying opportunities to improve your customer experience with growth, and so much more.  

To Update/Modernize Policies & Procedures

Prioritizing sales growth over updating policy and procedure is common and expected when your and your employees livelihood depends on it. But this can also leave you open to liabilities. Silverside buiness operations audits review all policies/procedures to identify what can be updated, made digital, streamlined or removed. Protect your business. 

Identify Areas of Loss

Concerned about where time or materials are being spent? Unsure if your inventory process is working or those accountable are executing correctly? Operations audits, review all areas of your business where loss can occur- from under selling to wasted office supplies. Don't let profits walk out the backdoor. 
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