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Rebecca Dehl

Meet Silverside

Co-Founder, Rebecca Dehl

Rebecca Dehl spent over a decade honing her executive leadership skills, culminating in the leadership of a 30-million-dollar company in her role as Chief Operating Officer. During her tenure, she oversaw the management of over 1000 employees, worked across 7 different industries, supported start-ups, and streamlined processes that saved time and money.

Her experience spans all aspects of business from scrubbing floors before a new location opening to developing annual budgets, employee training programs, and implementing marketing action plans. Rebecca’s passion is for small business ownership and local economies, she fundamentally believes that when local economies flourish it not only benefits us all but is the only safety net against corporate greed, monopolies, and hard-working Americans being at the mercy of the 1%.

After experiencing the way that small business owners are pressured to grow bigger than they want or need, or how business coaches and consultants charge outrageous hourly fees for information that can be found anywhere online; Rebecca decided to create affordable training programs, that are straightforward with honest feedback and practical application. No gimmicks, just clear and concise coaching, all in one place, with real-world examples from an experienced leader who does not want to see the American Dream go extinct.

Rebecca hosts a podcast called Conversation Mill focused on giving small business owners and local leaders a platform to tell their stories.

Silverside Story

Silverside is about paving your way, following your dream and taking a leap of faith.

It is our tradition to spend the 4th of July on the inland lake in Michigan that Allyson grew up on. Surrounded by friends and family, taking advantage of the beautiful summer weather and extra hours of day light.
Each morning, we walk the road that loops around the lake. Sometimes carrying our coffee, sometimes picking berries along the way; but always talking about what our future would hold. We dreamed and schemed, sharing our hopes and fears.

The name of that loop around the lake? Silverside. 

When the time came to take the leap and launch our consulting + creative business, we knew that Silverside had to be the name. 

We know the time, the stress and the joy that goes into making your vision come to life. That is why we love working with small business owners, those getting ready to launch their business, non-profits and business owners getting ready to pivot their brand.

Allyson and I treat each business' needs as if they were our own business needs. We are a small firm of creatives with experience across multiple industries including: fitness, software, food & beverage, health & wellness, service and hospitality. Being small with a team of professionals we have worked with for years gives us the ability to pivot quickly, meet your deadlines and work within your budget. 

We look forward to learning about your business and executing on your vision. 

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