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High Employee Turnover- Don't Let It Cost You curated a list of the top reasons employees leave companies, here were the top 6:

#1: Needing More Of A Challange

#2: Looking For Higher Salary

#3: Feeling Uninspired

#4: Wanting to Feel Valued

#5: Seeking Better Management Relationship

#6: Searching for Job Growth and Career Advancement

What if (no matter the size of your business) when a new team member started you could show them their career road map within your business? What if Day ONE they knew the expectations and what it meant to their salary and position in the business long term?


Creating that road map to career advancement, salary increases, and life/work balance not only promotes long-term employees (less turnover), but will translate into long-term success for the company. Even before a career advancement plan can be shown to your employees or created for them; your business' training for each role needs to be established and efficient. You start to lose the trust of your new team members as soon as they start if your onboarding and training are scattered or not sufficient.

Silverside Consulting + Creative founders have experience creating training programs from the ground up. We are passionate about creating winning teams that work cohesively together to move the companies forward.

If you are ready to reduce the costly impacts of high turnover and create a road map of success for your team, contact us today for a free consultation.

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