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At Silverside Consulting + Creative our mission is to help makers, hobbyists, main street shops, and small businesses identify and address their most urgent needs. 
We do this through affordable, practical, and solution-based Coaching, Consulting, and Implementation.

What We Offer.

Easy, Affordable, & Practical
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Digital Downloads

Business Templates & Forms

Smart Tablet

Consulting w/ Personalized Business Audit

Business meeting

Online Small Business Courses

doing work together

Strategy & Planning Sessions


Office of a web design company

Planners & Journals


Silverside Network Referrals

End-to-end review of all business operations in order to give you an impartial analysis of your business and the solutions to remedy any non-compliance areas. Silverside Consulting + Creative will design a tailored checklist, specific to your industry thus giving you a 360 degree view of your business.

Strengthen Management Controls

Enhance Your Customer's Experience

Optimize Growth Opportunities

Operations Audit With Solutions Presentation

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The Why

Keeping Local Economies Strong
By Supporting Small Business

I passionately believe that when we participate in our local communities -including buying local- we all thrive. The success of small business owners is the success of America's economy & the hope that part of our American Dream.

Big box stores, global companies, and hedge funds promise benefits, employment advancement, and security; but we continue to see how these entities come into our cities wipe out small business owners and leave our communities disconnected and without all the promised benefits.

What Are You Doing

It is time to be honest with yourself.

It is time to acknowledge where you need help & what you are just plain doing wrong.

Identify.   Educate.   Implement.

Practical knowledge, wisdom, stories from the frontline lines of small business ownership. 

Additional Services

Logos.  Flyers.  Business Cards.  Posters.  Uniforms.  Vehicle Wraps.  Reels.  Merch. 

Whether you are a new business needing logo inspiration or an established business ready for

re-branding; Silverside will bring it's experience creating brand guidelines to elevate your brand image. 

Logo, Colors, Tagline, Messaging, Visual Images, Brand Elements, Digital Images, Fonts, and more. Get a full brand book to utilize across all media, vehicles, inhouse, and out in the community.

Ensure your brand leaves a lasting impact.  

Clients &

Creative collaborations to achieve our clients' goals is what drives our inspiration.

Explore a few of our recent collaborations.

Soil Thrive 
Food Security

Recent Blog Posts

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