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You Will Never Achieve Perfection

It is easy to be overwhelmed, we sit down at our computers and the overwhelm kicks in. Where to start?

This is where many small business owners get stuck, it is much easier to say 'I'll do it later."; then the social media marketing strategy never gets executed, or the new software never gets implemented, you get it, and you have probably been there.

Well, here is your reminder to keep it simple & and keep it moving forward. You will never achieve perfection, but you will improve and you will move your business forward. Striving for perfection before you start will keep you right where you are and looking for a perfect solution to a problem will keep you questioning and unconfident. (Mel Robbins has a great podcast on this, and a decision protocol called the 51% rule.)

Start with what your top 3 priorities are. These will be 3 areas of your business that will make the biggest impact relative to what you need now.

Example Priorities

  1. Need money in your account: you need to sell products/services (ensure they are priced right) or you need to cut expenses. Once you've determined if it is one or both of those options then you need to action plan out how this will be executed and set your targets, so you know when you have achieved your goals, or if you need to take drastic action because you are still falling short.

  2. Marketing Strategy

  3. Hire Part Time for Admin Responsibilities: I hear often that when small business owners go to hire is when they realize they do not have a people operations documents needed to set up their new hires for success: Job Description, Compensation Plan, or Interview Guides.

But even once you know your priorities, identifying how to address those priorities can be hard to uncover because we are knee deep in the running of our businesses day to day. That is where Silverside Consulting comes in. I utilize my proprietary action planning tool (sounds fancy, but it is simple) to help you uncover your top priorities and work with you on breaking out each action step to achieve your overall goal. I call it the 5 W's Plan.

Ready to take action and move the needle in your business? Start Today.

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