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Just Getting Reviews Is Not Enough

Okay, you provided a great service or delivered on your promise of a product that does what it says it does. Then you re-engaged your customers, thanking them and asking (automated text or email) them to leave you a review. But the work is not done there, how and when you respond adds further value to those 5-star reviews.

Here are 3 Best Practices, to ensure the algorithms remain "ever in your favor" and that future customers and assess and choose your business above the competition.

  1. Respond to all reviews, positive and negative. Set aside 3- 30 minute admin blocks to respond to reviews and address any customers' concerns. If you are working with an admin or virtual assistant, create scripts that can be personalized for each response, and create a Standard Operating Procedure for escalating negative reviews to ownership/management.

  2. Use keywords for your industry, product or service in your review responses.

  3. NEVER have a back and forth in the review response or in the comments on social media with a unhappy customer. Even if they are wrong and you are right. Create a public-facing response and follow up directly with a phone call or email to the customer.

Responding to reviews should be an exciting opportunity for you; not only do you get a chance to thank your customer (hopefully gaining a customer for life), you also get to evaluate where the opportunities for improvement are.

Download Silverside's Free All About Reviews Cheat sheet, with review response scripts and AI prompts.

All About Reviews
Download PDF • 88KB

Need to get some hours back in your week and take review responses off your plate? Still trying to find the best fit for a virtual assistant or office manager? Silverside Consulting can provide temporary or permanent administrative services for your business. Inquire HERE for a FREE 30 minute Needs Assessment Call.

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