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Performance Conversations

Conversation Mill Podcast features conversations with small business owners, community leaders, and nonprofits that work to build up their local economy. Conversation Mill features additional conversations about the practical aspects of running a business, on their Substack. Recently, co-founder and host of Conversation Mill, Rebecca Dehl, published a member-only episode about having hard performance conversations with team members.

Rebecca explains that if the expectations have not been set from the beginning with the team member, you have already set yourself up for a hard conversation. She sets out a quick outline for preparing for hard performance conversations and sets outs the 4 phases before termination or job role change is executed.

1. Set Expectations

2. Train

3. Coach

4. Document Performance (this may be a verbal, written, final)

If you are a team leader and you are needing to correct an individual's performance, you first need to ask yourself if you've followed those 4 steps. If you have not, Rebecca explains that you need to start from the beginning. Following the correct steps will reduce the chances that this conversation is a surprise to the individual and reduce liabilities that come with miscellaneous terminations. You MUST document performance and be able to show what kind of training and support you offer as an employer.

Click here to visit Conversation Mill Podcast on Substack and learn more about Hard Conversations and much more.

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