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Is A Podcast Right For Your Business or Organization?

A podcast can be a great way to keep your customers engaged with your business. But is it right for your business? Here are 3 top items to consider before jumping into starting a podcast.

First-Do you have the time and resources? If starting a podcast would absorb too much of your time, that could be spent on addressing crucial aspects of running your business do that. Your business should be operating at a functioning level that allows you to have the time to operate a podcast. The purpose of your business starting a podcast is to generate more leads for your business or to tell the stories of customers, and clients, and through that build your brand recognition. Additionally, you could use your podcast as a community giveback by highlighting nonprofits in your community.

Second- Are you comfortable hosting a podcast or have someone on your team that is comfortable and/or has experience with public speaking? Your host needs to be engaging, able to flow between questions, and have the ability to speak clearly.

A poorly produced podcast or a host that doesn't engage the guests or listeners will do more harm than good for your brand.

Third- Do you have unique content that will draw in your current customers/clients and expand your reach? Is your podcast an expansion of a service you already offer or can it be a teaser to larger services you offer?

Example: You run a tour company that takes guests on overnight camping trips. You decide to start a podcast where you interview a guest or two around the campfire while on the overnight about where they came to love nature.

In this example, your podcast will serve as a teaser of the experience future guests will have on your overnight tours and appeals to others that identify with the guests you interview. You can link your podcast audio and/or video to your website, so potential guests visiting your site can have a mini-trip experience.

If you can answer yes to all of these questions and are excited to get started on a podcast, your next steps should be listening to a variety of business podcasts- what do you like, what would you do differently, make notes about the format you would like to create.

Next, you will want to research want equipment will best fit your needs and meet your budget.

Here are a few businesses that are hosting podcasts to share small business information, stories from guests, and promote their services:

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