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How is Your Payroll Being Spent?

Depending on the size of your business, your payroll should not exceed 30% of your overall sales. However, payroll budgets can easily be reduced by 2-8% or more by learning more about how your company's payroll is being used or how it is ballooned by non-performing staff members or unanalyzed scheduling.

Often these extra hours added to your payroll bottom line are not identified until a 3rd party or new management identifies them. Silverside Consulting includes a secret shop in all our business operations audits; to uncover times throughout the day when team members may have downtime and are using unnecessary payroll.

In the example in this video, it is highlighted how not only are there concerns about wasted payroll but also missed sales opportunities and liabilities from not documenting a guest pass. Operational audits uncover the small aspects of your business that go easily unnoticed but when added up can cause major liabilities on the business or when missed sales are added up show significant profit loss.

Contact us today for a free consultation and quote for a Business Operations Audit.

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