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Get Your Digital Marketing Ready For 2023- Website Personalization Edition

New trends and old standards are at the top of most lists for what is ahead for us in 2023 when it comes to digital marketing.

Interactive and personalized processes are coming into focus and being moved to the head of the line of digital marketing trends. Is your site set up for chat capabilities? Your clients want ease of access to you and want their questions answered in one visit to your website. If they can’t get this they are more likely to go to the next provider who can get them what they need faster.

This means it is time to reevaluate your website. Are product images up to date, clean, and displayed from all angles? Users will be able to search more easily by image to find what they need in 2023, having your product images up to date will be crucial to be a search result. Do you have the descriptions for products or services accurate and with all the information needed by customers so they are not left with questions? Are all your offering represented on your site and is the user experience seamless?

Evaluating these aspects of your site, as well as, reviewing the copy throughout your site will create a better user experience. Your clients do not want to feel as if they are reading copy written by a robot. Your ‘About Us’ and ‘Blog’ should be engaging by being written in your business’ voice.

It can be time-consuming to comb through your site and products when you are focused on delivering the best products and services to your customers. Hiring a copywriter or web developer to tackle the challenge of creating a user experience that keeps and creates new customers could be the most important marketing spend your business makes.

Personalizing the process- are there ways your business can add to the personalization of delivering the service or product? Even if the entire process of the sale is through your online channels, can you deliver a personalized follow-up or personalized thank you? While the metaverse is fast approaching and opportunities for marketing will exist there, consumers are still wanting an experience that meets their needs and is tailored to them.

Review these sources to learn more.

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