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Create Community For Your Business

Are you creating a community with those who make use of your business? Humans desire to be part of a group, part of a community of those who appreciate the same things they do. Your customers are likely posting about your services or products on social media already and sharing with their existing community. If you are not finding ways to create membership or community opportunities for customers/clients to participate in you may be left behind by competitors who are creating these opportunities.

3 Ways to Create a Community

2. Brand Podcast with Customer/Client interviews or Call In Opportunities

3. Volunteer Events For Local Nonprofits

Check out what Vicinity Capital is doing with their brand's podcast.

Another way to include your customers in your brand and by way of inclusion drive word-of-mouth marketing is to offer opportunities for customers to create social media reels and posts with you.

Your clients/customers/guests are the lifeblood of your business. That can get lost in the creation of the product or service we are delivering and we forget to stop and ask how are we making our communities a better place. How are we including our customers in our brand and letting all our customers be brand ambassadors?

At the end of any year, we are all looking back over the last year and evaluating what worked and what didn’t, what we want to achieve, how we can drive revenue, and setting goals for the year ahead. But if we sat and asked, “What can we do to make sure our customers feel like the hero?”

If we can implement those steps into our sales process, into our marketing, and our bounce-back campaigns we will see an increased rate of return customers and the number of people those returning guests bring with them.

Looking to make this the year you create a larger community, want to create community partnerships with nonprofits or other businesses but overwhelmed with delivering on your brand's promises? Silverside can assist you with facilitating your partnerships. Contact us today with your unique challenges.

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